4 river ebike tour


Karlovac..Four rivers..beautiful rideand a real summer hit. A 40 km round trip that includes all four Karlovac rivers, Korana, Mrežnica, Dobra and Kupa. We start and end the ride at Fogin's beach on the river Korana in Karlovac. We take a bicycle path to the embankment along Mrežnica and soon arrive in Duga Resa, which, along with several other neighboring towns, boasts the most beautiful beaches in that part of Karlovac County. Of course, all these beaches are on our way, so it is possible to refresh in the rivers in the summer. After touring the beach, the part along Mrežnica ends and we move over the hill and through the forest towards Novigrad na Dobri. That part of the road gives a slightly different flair to this ride because from the river valleys we suddenly find ourselves in forests and hills with beautiful views, vineyards, ranches and old traditional houses. Arriving in Novigrad na Dobri, we come to two major attractions and historical sights, and these are the stone bridge over the river Dobra and the Old Town just above, in an elevated position to monitor everything, but also to be seen. After the inevitable sightseeing, we head back to Karlovac, where we are also greeted by the old town of Karlovac Dubovac. A beautiful place, also located on a hill above Karlovac, so in addition to its beauty from that hill and lookout point, there is a view of the town of Karlovac and the river Kupa. The last Karlovac river on our way to which we descend from the old town by a short hiking trail and drive back along the Kupa towards the starting point on the Korana. But even though the Kupa is the last river on our way, it is no less worth mentioning. It is just a beautiful junction from the old town to the river Korana, to finish the ride with water and greenery, without traffic and stress, which is also the primary goal of our rides.

- start and finish: Foginovo kupalište, Karlovac
- length: 40 km
- total climb: 500 m
- asphalt: 75%
- macadam, embankment, forest roads: 25%
- route weight: 2.5 / 5

- private tours, 2 - 3 persons: 350 kn / person
- tours for more people, 4 + persons: 300 kn / person

Price includes:
- electric bicycles and their delivery to the place of departure
- helmets
- running a licensed bike guide
- refreshments (energy bar)
- great fun and a wonderful new experience



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