Discover the Elegance of Skinny Christmas Trees at Hobby Lobby


As the holiday season approaches, many of us turn our attention to the joyous task of decorating our homes. At the heart of the festive adornment reigns the Christmas tree. In this article, we explore the allure of Skinny Christmas Trees from Hobby Lobby, showcasing why these slender beauties should be your next festive holiday centerpiece.

Why Choose Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees

Hobby Lobby stands as a pacesetter in delivering high-quality holiday decorative items. Their Skinny Christmas Trees are no exception. With their slender profile, these trees are perfectly suited for those looking for a space-saving yet elegant solution to their festive decoration requirements.

Benefits of Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees

1. Space-Saving Elegance

Do you reside in an apartment or have limited space for a traditional, bushy tree? Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees are the answer! Their slim design allows them to fit into tight corners and small spaces, providing an attractively festive aesthetic without consuming valuable space.

2. Variety and Versatility

Hobby Lobby offers an extensive choice of Skinny Christmas Trees. They come in various heights, color choices, pre-lit or unlit options, all offering you the flexibility to select a tree that complements your décor preferences.

3. High Quality and Durable

When you purchase from Hobby Lobby, you’re investing in longevity. Skinny Christmas trees from Hobby Lobby are constructed robustly and realistically, ensuring their branch tips don’t easily break under the weight of ornaments.

4. Easy Assembly and Storage

Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees are designed for customer convenience. Most consist of hinged branches, making set-up and take-down straightforward while their slim nature simplifies storage concerns.

Top Picks: Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees

Following are our top picks from the catalog of Hobby Lobby’s Skinny Christmas Trees that showcase the range available to cater for every taste, space, and budget.

1. Pre-Lit Artificial Pine Skinny Christmas Tree

This 7ft high skinny Christmas tree is pre-lit with clear, warm lights that bring a magical glow to your decorations. With its realistic folding branches, it requires minimal assembly, allowing you more time to enjoy the season’s festivities.

2. Unlit Flocked Slim Fraser Fir Tree

Love snowy scenes but live in a location where snow is scarce? Bring the white Christmas feel to your home with Hobby Lobby’s Unlit Flocked Slim Fraser Fir Tree. At 7.5 feet tall, it delivers a touch of winter charm to any room.

3. Pre-Lit Color Changing Pine Tree

Easily switch up your color scheme with the Pre-Lit Color Changing Pine Tree from Hobby Lobby. This tree boasts LED lights that transition smoothly between warm white and multi-color with the press of a foot switch.


As we’ve seen, when it comes to festively decorating with style and practicality without sacrificing quality, the Hobby Lobby Skinny Christmas Trees range presents optimum solutions. While the traditional Christmas tree will always have its place, the Skinny Christmas Tree from Hobby Lobby presents a chic, modern alternative, proving that less can indeed be more when adorned with just the right touch of festive sparkle.

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